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 Taylor/Nat Catcher Introduction

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Nat Catcher

Nat Catcher

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Taylor/Nat Catcher Introduction Empty
PostSubject: Taylor/Nat Catcher Introduction   Taylor/Nat Catcher Introduction Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 7:39 am

Hello, my name is Taylor.... Or as many of you may know me as, Nat Catcher.

I am 15 years young. I love sex and money. Drinking is always fun too!! Very Happy

I play baseball and football. I am a starting lineman for varsity football. I'm also a catcher and first baseman in baseball.

For city baseball, I was on the "Nationals" this year, and since I'm a catcher.... That is how I came up with the username "Nat Catcher." Very Happy

I have an X-Box 360, and I love playing Halo 3 on XBox live.
My gamertags are: SweptBloodyCard, and Brewer Fever.

I have a dog. I also have a little sister (who is very annoying.)

I hate school. I am going into my sophmore year.
I am currently single, because BITCHES BE CRAZY!!! confused

I don't like girls.... I like women. Wink
My favorite band is Hollywood Undead, but I am always open to new music, so if you think I'll like your favorite bands and artists... Hit me up!!

MSN- cool_guy7321@hotmail.com
AIM- (rarely use it) Dayyaamm Taylor

Well, that's all for now.... Peace Nigga's I love you
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Taylor/Nat Catcher Introduction
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