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 Megadeth Intro:)

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PostSubject: Megadeth Intro:)   Megadeth Intro:) Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 6:59 pm

Hey, my name is Megadeth
Obv from the Group Megadeth.

My name is Patric.
iam 15.

i love to help people. iam a member of ceveral communtys and made a good contribution to all of em.

Iam infact a rule breaker on rs. i dont really care about rs.
when they decide to ban my maxed zerker , it got 2 much.
so iam a scripter(java) for Rscheata.net
the best runescape bot there is.

i love to pk, so u will often find me in wild on my pures or on midnight.
I love to contribute to communitys, i like to watch them grow.
be a important part of it.

Iam from Sweden. So my irl intrests are Motocross and Snowmobile.
Some ice hockey too.
Iam driving in competitions in snowmobile in elite level.
well elite and elite:p

i tried 2 qualify for Swedens world cup. but i didnt make it as i went trough a crash.

as u guys prolly know by this time
add Megadeth on midnight if u need any help, Have fun pking. Dont be afraid of loosing ya pixels:p wont be long until server reset:p
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Megadeth Intro:)
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