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 508 npc teleports (future)

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508 npc teleports (future) Empty
PostSubject: 508 npc teleports (future)   508 npc teleports (future) Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2009 1:31 pm

Okay i thought i would go ahead and make this for when the 508 client revision comes out...

How this guide will work. (first or second click, what the shop/action does)

Duradel(the slayer master), first click, a little melee shop.

Ignatius Vulcan(firemaking master), first click, wcing/fming area

Mart Thwait(thieving master), first click, thieving area

Aubury(rcing master), second click, rune shop

Robe Store owner(sells mage capes), second click, magic armour shop

Brother Jered(prayer cape master), first click, sells skillcapes.

Purepker895(Idk?), first click, teleports you to green dragons (east)

More to come soon...
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508 npc teleports (future)
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